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Cheveu Miracle
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Cheveu Miracle ↪ (grind infused metalcore / 2022 / Switzerland // )
Ioannis Valiakos
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Ioannis Valiakos Relentless riffing and a rhythm section that shreds to pieces everything in its path. Soul-crushing vocals, of a quality and passion that only Pig Destroyer could touch. This is a fearless album that will assault your ear-drums. Get ready. Hit play. Do it now. Favorite track: A Sun Rising West.
John Herne
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John Herne It's been 20 long years since Nostromo's last full length and they haven't missed a beat. We will never get another Knut album (RIP Didier) but thank the Young Gods that Nostromo is still destroying everything in their path. One of the year's best releases. Favorite track: κατάϐασις.
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Sailing towards shipwreck Redemption is out of reach Begging for forgiveness Punishment is your due Defined by your sins Embodiment of failure Condemned in the first place You'll pay for your father's sins No redeemer, just a slaver On this walk of atonement you'll fall Cause your fate was sealed The day you were born, you filth You're doomed, whatever you did Impure and false, whatever you do You're doomed, whatever you did Eternally bound to the demons you feed No cleansing for the wicked You are a wart under god's foot Devouring his holy flesh Disappointment, your only input
Better be angry than sad Dispair shall become fury You're whining when you feel bad, Now show them your war face Acting like a beat dog Only proves them right Don't let them see your scars You're heading to a fight Trying to live peacefully? The fairytale is over Reality can be ugly You've been forced to, now win the war Fear should be the messenger Barbwire whips in your back Anger drives you stronger Turns you into what you really are Now give them all what they expect And become this freak they need It's yourself the one you neglect Now it's the time to rip off their tongues
Everything l needed Anything you would give All those things I stood for Meant only shit to you There's no name for scums like you Egotripping on a sea of shit Never asked for perfection, l'm not Demanding something you can't give I was so wrong to put my trust in you Pieces of you IÕll chew But l won't get fooled again And you will soon feel the pain This guy you screwed is dead He's back for you, you'll beg No remorse, l'll stab you in the back As you did, my brain was slack Lord Ares is on my side Thought you were a tough guy? I bring fire, nowhere to hide Warmonger you were I bring fire, nowhere to hide Warmonger you are no more You shall beg for mercy But mercy you won't get You shall beg for mercy I'll spit on what is left Of you I'll spit on what is left Of you
You walked on my soul Crushed my bones Oh sweet peony What have you done to me Ostracized Demonized Disconnected Do not feel the pain No light after darkness Oh peony Why am I The only one to bleed The sharp pain Sharp pain Of rejection Disappointment of failure Oh sweet peony What have you done to me
Wasting your time Seeking a clue Sometimes you lose Sometimes you lose even more Looking away, Twisting the truth Illusions of control Only leads to the fall What if you're wrong? Can't deal with life? Lifes permafrost Soon will be lost Feels like sinking On a molten soil Waiting at dawn For the sun to rise Remnants of a life You shall never get back
Per Sona 03:11
What the fuck are you? What they think of you? People you don't know A collective brain for the horde Consciousness Has been lost Through layers Of useless posts Flat comments, hollow pictures Level zero of the human nature Your ranking drops to zero Climbing the ladder of hypocrisy Bleeding, aiming at a goal that's theirs Do you decide? Do they? Get off the grid Of all this, get rid Their judgement is free of charge Minds of the dumbests now merge But still, they are the many The few pulled the plug and now see... Get off the grid Of all this, get rid Flat comments, hollow pictures Level zero of the human nature Sometimes the pack dies But the lone fuck survives
Lachon Hara 04:23
Always making you feel You don't belong Here, to us, to nothing Got trampled You haden't any chance Got crushed You don't deserve a glance Judging you, you're wrong I shit on your good will Why should we be friends? Still you don't just bow And bend the knee For l'm the one to know And you're not able to see Enjoying the blue sky? I pray for the Storm to come Happiness to be swept away For all that counts is my way I'll smash your dreams, and Destroy the bridges you're building Never need a reason for crushing Why do l do this? because l can I'll make you pay for my mistakes No matter what it takes Lies are my shield As you lie on my battlefield
Look down and see What's crawling below Screaming, complaining Why don't they just Get a decent job Where is their pride for Cleaning our shoes? Seem not to realise They should quit the cheap booze Champagne is healthier They should just try And stop complaining Their so called pain is small fry How could they realise We need them, silent slaves Their chains have been removed Our goodwill weÕve proved They think they deserve A special treatment As if being alive wasn't enough They think they deserve A special treatment Always whining, life is so tough We're on top of the pyramid Don't give a fuck«bout what they need Who gives a chance to meaningless fleas? Our rights of birth are ours and no one else's We will piss in their soup And make them thank us for that
Decimatio 02:35
They crawl around you Tell you what to do Ask you how you feel Then explain you why you're wrong Shitstorm of theme Pretend to be your friends Drown you with advice But act like lice You're just empty shells And your packaging sucks Give me something real Or l'll go for the kill I don't give a shit About your opinion When l need your help But that's all l could expect From you, shadow people Pretending to care Pretending to be something you're not But now l see you So get out the way and fuck you You fucks are all the same I'm the only one to blame For l gave you my trust That time is over Yours too
Asato Ma 06:13
From ignorance, lead me to truth From darkness, lead me to light From death, lead me to immortality


released October 28, 2022

Produced by NOSTROMO and Rapha‘l Bovey
Engineered by Rapha‘l Bovey and Pedro TomŽ
Recorded at Noise Palace Studio, Gimel
Mixed by Rapha‘l Bovey at Myroom Studio, Lausanne
Mastered by Lad Agabekov at Caduceus Studio, Gimel
Thanks to Antoine Estoppey and Frederyk Rotter
All songs & lyrics by NOSTROMO
Boris and DB of Monkey 3 appear courtesy of Napalm Records
Artwork by Dehn Sora

In loving Memory of Didier SŽverin (1970 Ð 2022)

© & p 2022 NOSTROMO, all rights reserved


all rights reserved



Hummus Records La Chaux De Fonds, Switzerland

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