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Kr​å​keslottet [The Crow's Castle]

by Louis Jucker

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Seagazer 03:41
lo! deep forces 
I see your loneliness

 lo! deep forces 
I envy your remoteness 

moving slowly towards me 
in the darkest sky 

moving equally the clouds 
the snow and the northern tides
The stream 04:19
growing patience 
 as a real convenience
 I see you here and there 
 smiling to the wall

 waiting for a call
 that will beat the morning sun
 that will bleach your children's fun

growing patience
burning up the trees

 burning up the trees 
f eed the stove

 watch it disappear

 burning up the trees
 bits of them 
 at infinite
I counted five puppets 
 white wool puppets
 or was it cotton? 

 I hung them 
 on the highest piece of the roof 
 of my private and very own house 

 figures out of a basket
 was it waiting for someone 
 else than you?
he's a little man, born too soon 
 too late, too fast or too slow
 but not on time

 out of context not on time 
 out of context when he smiles

 he can knock you down
 when he's riding the bike 
 the horse or the bus all at once

 out of context not on time 
 out of context when he smiles 

 all i wish this boy is a little wife
 that will lead him there, 
 out in the wild

 out of context not on time 
 out of context he will smile
on the far away roads of an isolated island, in the northern part of the land that only sees light at dawn, before it turns to dusk, facing the wind, the warm wind of the shores that comes from out there, nowhere indeed, I am standing on my cold feet, protected by tape, construction tape that sticks to the boots

 I will walk with you 
 or whoever you were

 counting the reefs I'll find my way back to the red fishing house that the poet bought back when the whole town was working for the mine, before it all went down in the flames and the fire

 I will walk with you 
 if you bring me there

 and if I reach the room where we once slept, while the seals were dancing underneath our feet, if I reach that room once, emptied by the Flemings, cleaned up and ready, on call for departure

 will I walk with you 
 to the cabin bed?

 if it still exists, if it ever was, as weird as we found it, as warm as a dreamer's bed?
 I'm gazing through the lens

 the beacons seem at rest
 for all is nothingness

 seated on the rafter

 the gravity will help
 i brave the emptiness

 I'm singing while you dance

 of all one cannot guess
 before the year begins


Kråkeslottet [The Crow's Castle] is a touching brew of experimental folk, captured intentionally far from digital perfection, that sometimes feels like reading some friend’s secret travel diary. These 8 delicate tracks can also be taken out of their context as a new and honest attempt from Louis Jucker to develop an art of his own, miles away from any commercial equation, just for the sake of sharing his own experiments through beautiful music.


released March 1, 2019

> Written and performed by Louis Jucker on acoustic instruments such as church organ, harmonium, typewriter, nylon guitar, upright piano, grand piano, whale bone, iron stove and 7 chords zither. All field recordings captured inside and around the house in Norway.

> Recorded on a 6-tracks digital portable recorder at Kråkeslottet, NO
29.12.2017 / 09.01.2018

> Vocals overdubs and overall mix on 4-tracks cassette at 
Le Palier, Tunnel-Riponne, Lausanne, CH 
17 & 18.02.2018

> Final bounces and mastering on 2-tracks 1/4" tape at 
Le Palier, Tunnel-Riponne, Lausanne, CH
19 & 20.02.2018


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