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Louis Jucker & Coilguns play Kra​̊​keslottet [The Crow's Castle] & Other Songs from the Northern Shores

by Louis Jucker & Coilguns

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if we ever stay on the other side i will hear these songs you cannot write will i pick a card and leave you here when i’ll realize you’re almost near only entrance (8x) would you lay you head and let it sing i know it sounds like you & me we’ll ride your bike into the desert i know there is no snakes, no dirt only entrance (8x)
Seagazer 04:37
lo! deep forces 
i see your loneliness

 lo! deep forces i envy your remoteness 

moving slowly towards me 
 in the darkest sky 

moving equally the clouds 
the snow & the northern tides
sitting around, getting the sun drinking the beers that you bought today in town nothing better, no nothing better will happen with this song for it’s a simple song and we’re getting lame when we get sun
The Stream 04:00
growing patience as a real convenience i see you here i see you here smiling to the wall waiting for a call that will beat the morning sun that will bleach your children's fun oh, growing patience oh, growing patience
i counted five puppets white wool puppets or was it cotton? figures out of a basket i hung them on the highest piece of the roof of my private and very own house figures out of a basket was it waiting for someone else? was it waiting for someone else than you?
on the far away roads of an isolated island, in the northern part of the land that only sees light at dawn, before it turns to dusk, facing the wind, the warm wind of the shores that comes from out there, nowhere indeed, i am standing on my cold feet, protected by tape, construction tape that sticks to the boots i will walk with you (4X) or whoever you were counting the reefs i will find my way back to the red fishing house that the poet bought back when the whole town was working for the mine, before it all went down in the flames and the fire i will walk with you (4X) if you bring me there and if i reach the room where we once slept, while the seals were dancing underneath our feet, if i reach that room once, emptied by the flemings, cleaned up and ready, on call for departure i will walk with you (4X) to the cabin bed if it still exists, if it ever was, as weird as we found it and as warm as a dreamers’ bed
holy is the doctor the one who sees who feeds my hunger my broken teeth lonely as a prisoner the one who keeps all secrets and lovers way underneath dune, sand and water is all i’ll see she could spell my answers and count my beats fresh born lovers just how it feels who invented flowers and seeds
innocent i'm gazing through the lens for all is nothingness innocent the beacon seems at rest for all is nothingness innocent seated on the rafter i brave the emptiness innocent the gravity will help i brave the emptiness innocent i'm singing while you dance before the year begins innocent of all one cannot guess before the year begins
stay in your house and celebrate that sun that keeps us all awake (6x) stay in your house to sing on tape stay in your house and sleep. and wait.



Louis Jucker spent a year touring his album Krakeslottet with the three others members of Coilguns as a backing band. Playing these intimate folk sketches among friends with loud guitars and meaty drums turned out to be much more successful than any of them had expected. Show by show the songs grew thicker and greasier. It felt logical and necessary at the end of the tour to lock down for two days in the studio and record a very last live set in front of the microphones. Tracked on tape with ribbon mics and mixed by the artist himself the old school way, the result is a faithful rendition of what the band sounded like during their intense last shows.


released July 10, 2020

all songs by Louis Jucker, live versions arranged by Louis Jucker & Coilguns tracks 2,4,5,6 & 8 taken from “Krakeslottet (The Crow’s Castle)” - 2018

tracks 1 & 7 taken from “Some of the Missing Ones EP” - 2015

tracks 3 & 9 taken from “The Dead Radio”, by Marylène Furrer & Louis Jucker in “L’Altro Mondo: Music for Lovers & Friends” - 2012

Coilguns are:

Louis Jucker – vocals, guitar (left)) & organ
Donatien Thiévent – bass, minilog & vocals
Jona Nido – guitar (right) & vocals
Luc Hess – drums & vocals

recorded exactly the way it was performed live during the Krakeslottet tour 2019 / 2020. engineered by Charlie Bernath at Farrago, Crissier CH. tracked on 24-track tape. no overdubs. no edits. four musicians in one room. all live vocals.

analog mixes by Louis Jucker with the help of Charlie Bernath & Luc Hess. summed on 2-track tape. mastered for vinyl and digital by Cyril Meysson

pictures by Noé Cauderay. layout by Louis Jucker with the help of Sophie Gagnebin & Emilie Zoé

produced by Louis Jucker & indago - April 2020


all rights reserved



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